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B'TWIN - Inner Tube Twin (26

B'TWIN - Inner Tube Twin (26

B'TWIN - Inner Tube Twin (26

B'TWIN - Inner Tube Twin (26

B'TWIN - Inner Tube Twin (26

B'TWIN - Inner Tube Twin (26
Special product,
Decathlon Btwin
3289 Reviews

Inner Tube Twin (26")

Regular price: $6.00 Regular price:
Special product,

B'TWIN - Inner Tube Twin (26

B'TWIN - Inner Tube Twin (26

B'TWIN - Inner Tube Twin (26

B'TWIN - Inner Tube Twin (26

B'TWIN - Inner Tube Twin (26

B'TWIN - Inner Tube Twin (26
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Regular price: $6.00 Regular price:

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    A photo of the Inner Tube Twin (26") in use

    Inner Tube Twin (26"). This twin pack of inner tubes is compatible with 26" diameter tyres, with a cross-section ranging from 1.70 to 2.20 with a 35 mm Schrader valve.

    A pack of 26" inner tubes with excellent value for money. Faster and more effective than a patch.


    26-inch tyres and wheels for mountain bikes and hybrid bikes.


    High quality valve that retains pressure.

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    3289 Reviews

B'TWIN - Inner Tube Twin (26
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    Great value

    icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
    Bad quality ?

    Bought this article recently. First one had a puncture upon reception. I returned the article, and put the second inner tube on. One day in, and a short bike ride on the road, and the second one has now exactly the same problem, flat tyre. I was either very unlucky with a bad batch or the quality is poor. Awaiting for my replacement to assess this further ... But very disapointed so far !

    I'm sorry to read that there was an issue with your innertube. I can assume you have thoroughly checked your tyre and rim tape to be sure. If so, It is hard to say why this happened.
    If you believe the item is faulty, please bring it back to store for an exchange.
    Peter, Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
    Did the job

    Can't guarantee durability but worked fine when I had to use it

    icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase


    icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
    Competetively priced.

    Good price, good service, So far, so good.

    icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
    Great value for money

    We recently purchased the inner tubes for my bike as my old ones kept deflating. Thry wers easy to out into the tyres and were great value for money

    icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
    Split on seam

    In use for a few months, I inflated the tyre to 60psi the day before a ride. After about 10 minutes very loud hissing and the tyre had fully deflated in a few seconds. Removed the tube and it had split along a seam. The bike was indoors and stationary, The 6mm split was on the inside of the tube next to the rim. Definitely not punctured, the rim tape is fine. Annoyingly I'll now have to replace both the tube and the Slime puncture liquid. Its lucky I wasn't riding when this happened as the deflation was very quick. I have used others which have been fine, hopefully this won't happen again.

    I'm sorry to read that the inner-tube has split. This is an uncommon occurrence and is hard to explain exactly what lead to this.
    If you feel the item was faulty, please return it to us for an exchange with your receipt.
    Peter Lazarus, National Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
    Good value

    Half the price of most shops

    icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
    Great purchase

    Great purchase at a very cheap price

    icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
    26" 1.7- 2.2 Inner Tube - Schrader Valve - 2-Pack

    Did the job.

    icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
    26" inner tube

    Very Good value. Tyres are thin so these are a must.

    icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
    Cheap and great

    Great service very fast

    icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
    Inner tubes

    There inner tubes are great value for your money

    icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
    Very good Customer service

    The customer service is the best I give it 10/10

    icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
    Bargain for 2

    Usual Decathlon quality, never had a problem with them, used for off-road trails mainly and 2 pack mean handy to take a couple of spares when out with other people.

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    Size Guide

    Additional Product Information

    How to choose an inner tube

    Check the information indicated on the sidewall of the tyre (diameter and width).For example, 26 x 2.20 means your tyre is 26 inches in diameter and 2.20 inches wide.On the tyre sidewall you will also find the dimensions in mm in ETRTO international units. For example, 50-559 means a tyre that is 50mm wide and has an inner diameter of 559mm (approx. 26 x 2.00).

    Removing an inner tube

    Remove the used inner tube using B'Twin tyre levers (item code 8047839).

    Checks to carry out before installing an inner tube

    Check the condition of your tyre and replace it if necessary.Make sure no objects are lodged in the tyre.Check the condition of your tyre rim strip. A rim strip that is even slightly bent can cause punctures.Check that your rim does not have any other issues that could damage your inner tube.

    Mounting the inner tube

    Pre-inflate the inner tube slightly to avoid pinching.Insert the valve, making sure you are using the correct valve for your rim.Put the inner tube entirely inside the tyre so that it fits inside the rim.Take care not to pinch the inner tube when fitting.

    Mounting the tyre

    Start by mounting the tyre onto the wheel on the opposite side to the valve.Finish mounting the tyre at the valve to avoid pinching the inner tube.Never mount your tyre with a screwdriver or a tyre lever, as you risk pinching and puncturing the inner tube.

    Inflating the tyre

    Inflate your tyre carefully, to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer (visible on the tyre sidewall in PSI or bars, 1 bar = 14.51 PSI).Regularly check that your tyre is in the correct position as you inflate it.

    Tip from the pros

    To avoid punctures from pinching, and for best tyre performance, we recommend that you check your tyres and inflate them to the suggested pressure before every ride.




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