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B'TWIN - FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light, photo 1 of 6

B'TWIN - FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light, photo 2 of 6

B'TWIN - FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light, photo 3 of 6

B'TWIN - FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light, photo 4 of 6

B'TWIN - FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light, photo 5 of 6

B'TWIN - FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light, photo 6 of 6
Special product,
Decathlon Btwin
843 Reviews

FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light

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Special product,

B'TWIN - FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light, photo 1 of 6

B'TWIN - FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light, photo 2 of 6

B'TWIN - FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light, photo 3 of 6

B'TWIN - FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light, photo 4 of 6

B'TWIN - FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light, photo 5 of 6

B'TWIN - FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light, photo 6 of 6
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Model: 8327941

Product Features

A photo of the FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light in use

FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light. Our design teams have developed this USB rechargeable front bike light so you can SEE. Easy to use: 1 continuous mode and an elastic fastening system

Rechargeable front USB LED bike light, approved for French and German (STVZO) highway code road use. Perfect for everyday cycling use to SEE

Visual efficiency

Power: 10 luxNarrow beamEffective at low speed.


Power: 26 lumensContinuous mode


Continuous mode: 2 hoursRechargeable via USB.


WHITE (just one mode)Elastic mount for all size handlebars


IPX 4: withstands spray and heavy, persistent rain.

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843 Reviews

B'TWIN - FI500 LED USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light
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FL 500 LED USB Front Bike Light Btwin

Bought this light for commuting, nice & bright

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Poor quality

Bought yesterday to replace a broken light fitting (and thus no way to mount my normal light) for my commute. Charged fully when I got home and fitted to bike this morning. Firstly, rubber strap will not fit all handlebars - this fitted at the narrow end but its position was too far left to light up the center of the road. Secondly, no flash mode. Very important for being seen by idiot drivers. Last, after 40 minutes of commute, the charge light started flashing red. By one hour the charge had failed. Promptly took back to store this evening for a full refund. I would not waste my time with this product.

Thank you for your detailed feedback regarding these lights. I have forwarded them all on to our design team at Decathlon Cycles.
Peter, Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
Stopped working after a few months

Great when it worked, bought earlier this year, on a bike kept inside and charged regularly and properly , only used regularly in the last month, now red light shows charging went blue, and light now won’t work. Had to buy new light en route from a competitor. Not a great experience guys.

Thank you for posting a review of your lights. Please return them to us for a refund or an exchange.
Peter, Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
Bright light - Great value for money

This was bought for my son, easy to use & fit, very bright with long range and rechargeable. Great value for money what more can you ask for!

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Good light

Works well, robust and easy to charge.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Rechargeable lights

Bought two of these last summer while on hols in France. Have been using them all winter and worked fine until now. My commute is about 30 mins. Both front lights will not switch on even though they appear to be fully charged. This happened to both within two days of each other. Tha back light is still working fine.

Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback on this light.
I will forward your comments on to the product designer.
Please return them to us for a refund/exchange.
Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON
Not great for longer jorneys

Bought 2 weeks ago. Used every day. Full charge takes hours and then after 40 minutes the warning light comes on. Lasts about another hour after that. Its a good bright light though, with a good beam and good distance. If you are doing short commutes and can charge it in the office its ok. Doesn't flash either which is unusual these days.


Sorry to hear tht you are not happy with the 500 USB light, as the light is quite powerful this drains the battery quicker than the other lights that we have due to the small battery. The lifetime of 1 charge is 2 hours as you have mentioned, this is noted on the packaging and the website.

The light doesn't flash as the light is designed for countries such as Germany & France which have strict laws regarding the lights meaning that they have be to a minimum of 10 Lux and can not flash.

If you are unhappy with the product you can return this to your local store for exchange/refund with proof of purchase.

Rob Basnett b'Twin Product Expert DECATHLON
faulty product

33rd lights I got replaced. each time same story though. light become unusable after 3 rides. could be due to component unable to deal withvibration or battery life itself, very disappointed. back light is fine thought

Hello Oliver,

Thank you for your reviews on the 500 USB light. If you could reply to this e-mail for me in some more detail into why the light is now unuseable that would be great. I can then pass this information on to the product manager so that they are aware of this issue. Please do not refrain to return the light for an exchange or refund.

Rob Basnett b'Twin Product Expert DECATHLON
500 USB light

Easy to clip on the bike and has a great bright light. However I'm on my third one now as they do not hold a charge at all. I'm lucky of I get 45 mins out if a full charge. When fully charged the warning light starts flashing after about 10 minutes. I've been back and had each one replaced but the same problem exists. I've also purchased a rear light which is awesome. Stays charged for over 2 hours.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Hello Michael,

Sorry to hear about the issues with battery life on this product. The brand has been made aware and has changed some of the components to make sure the battery life is as it should be. Feel free to return the light for an exchange/refund.

Rob Basnett b'Twin Product Expert DECATHLON
Excellent bit of kit

Looks small but packs a punch, easy to take on & off handlebars, easy to charge via USB. Has a powerful light great for city cycling but would be happy to use this as a second light on unlit roads. Really happy, great value

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Nice buy

A must utility item especially during darkness / low lighting

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Did not last for even for 1 year

I had brought this bicycle light from Decathlon Bangalore store on airport road in December 2017. I have been using this product since last 6 months & it was working satisfactorily. Few days back the light suddenly stopped working. I kept it for charging for some time, but even after keeping it 2 hours of charging the red led was blinking & light never worked. In fact i was surprised to see that this light did not last even for 1 year when i have been using one more product of Btwin i.e. front bike light with 3 modes for more than 3 years now.

Hello Nandan,

Thank you for taking time out to review our product. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused due to our VIOO 500 Road Front light. This light comes with 2 years replacement warranty. Please visit your nearest Decathlon store to proceed for an exchange.

Hope this helps. Thank you!

Used it on my daughter's scooter

While the space is less on a scooter handle this fit just perfectly

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Below average lighting for Indian roads.

I was told by decathlon staff that the lighting will be sufficient for city roads, but I think you should go for a 10/10 rated lighting instead of this one. My friend has a 10/10 rated lighting and the difference is huge! You won’t be able to see potholes and patches in the road properly with this light at night.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

Dear Sudev, 

Thank you for taking time out to review this product. We regret that this product is not able to meet your usage requirements. We suggest the VIOO ROAD 900 USB LIGHT ( or VIOO CITY 900 USB LIGHT  ( to meet your requirements. Please visit the closest Decathlon Store for an exchange of this product if you are not satisfied with the VIOO 500 Road Light performance. We hope this is helpful. 
A ray of Light in dark

Purchase it for my B-Twin MountainRoad. Visibility of the light is good in dark. Even u can see far. Its a 1st time I have purchased it. Feeling awesome.

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Additional Product Information


Thanks to feedback provided by cyclists and other road users (drivers, pedestrians, etc...), our design teams have defined optimum features linked to cyclists' visibility.With one purpose in mind: ensuring cyclists' safety.


Battery capacity: 200 mAh (500 cycles guaranteed)LED light power: 26 Lumens, 10 luxFitted with a lens, this bike light narrows the light beam so that you can see ahead of you.Light output is sufficient for a cyclist riding at 15 km/h, helping you to avoid road hazards in good time.


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