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100 Pilates & Stretching Floor Mat Size S 6.5mm

Your first mat for strengthening exercises.

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How to choose your gym mat

Are your poses dynamic, or do you wear shoes? Opt for a mat with a protective coating. It better withstands wear. For physio exercises, Pilates and stretching, you need to be comfortable. Opt for a thicker mat with a soft texture.

What exercises can you do on your mat?

Our design team and sports coaches have developed a coaching service to guide you. There are dozens of video exercises for you to try on

Gym mat or yoga mat?

For gym & Pilates, you need to be comfortable and isolated from the floor. For yoga however, while you still need a thick mat, the most important thing is grip. This is why we recommend choosing a mat that is suited to the kind of exercise you do.


Length 140 cm x width 50 cm x thickness 6.5 mm

How do you avoid sliding on a Pilates toning mat?

Perspiration from exercise might cause you to slide on your mat. To practise safely, we recommend spreading a towel over your mat while you practise or using a towel to regularly wipe down the



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