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NABAIJI - Tiball Underwater Pool Game Net & Ball
NABAIJI - Tiball Underwater Pool Game Net & Ball
NABAIJI - Tiball Underwater Pool Game Net & Ball
NABAIJI - Tiball Underwater Pool Game Net & Ball
NABAIJI - Tiball Underwater Pool Game Net & Ball
NABAIJI - Tiball Underwater Pool Game Net & Ball
NABAIJI - Tiball Underwater Pool Game Net & Ball

Tiball Underwater Pool Game Net & Ball

Fun, progressive and easy to install

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Designed to help your kids to gradually discover going underwater thanks to the different depth targets

This 140 cm deep underwater basket teaches your child to dive underwater. The aim is to place the ball in the deepest target. Perfect for learning while having fun.
Compact design

The product can be folded in the float for optimal storage.

Easy to transport

The elastic holds the net in the float during transport.

Easy to learn

The child progresses at its own pace thanks to six targets at different depths.

A word from the Product Manager.

In our discussions with lifeguards, control of breathing is essential when learning to swim. We have created the TIBALL to make this learning process fun by gradually discovering different depths, represented by targets down to 1.40 m. Children can easily choose to stay at the same depth or to discover deeper depths. The TIBALL can be installed in the water very quickly.

Nabaiji's three LEARNING TO SWIM experiences

Nabaiji offers 3 experiences: Discovering the water, Discovering swimming and Discovering underwater. The TIBALL underwater pool game is part of the "Discovering underwater" experience.

Easy to use

Thanks to the weighted net, the product can be pitched instantly in the water. Just remove the elastic and throw it into the water for the product to unfold.

Product weight

About 600 g

Items included in the pack

A float a weighted net, made of six targets holes marked with a number. A foam ball is included in the pack.

Game idea N1 = The detonator

As you have you noticed, each target has a number. This number is equivalent to a number of points. One point for the most accessible target, then two, three points, etc. You can also add a seventh target by opening the bottom, which becomes the seventh target and counts for seven points. The child takes the ball and scores as many points as possible in 30 seconds.

Game idea N2 = The pyramid

The child must put the ball in the first target and return to the surface. They then go back under the water to put it in the second one, and so on, down to the deepest target they can reach. When they reach a target, they have to return underwater for as many times as there are remaining targets. Example 3: 1 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 1 Example 4 : 1 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 3 2 1 Example 5 : 1 2 3 4 5 5 5 4 3 2 1 Example 6 : 1 2 3 4 5 6 5 4 3 2 1 They must finish the game as quickly as possible.

Game idea N3 = The catfish

Two teams play against each other. The attacking team scores points by putting the ball in one of the targets. The defending team tries to stop the attacking team from scoring. The attacking players can pass the ball on the surface or advance underwater. When they are on surface with the ball, the defenders can touch them. After five touches, the ball goes to the other team. Underwater, the defenders cannot touch the attackers, and they can only touch the ball with an open hand.

Game idea N4 = The safe

An adult gives the secret code to the safe (a number) to a child, who must then reach that number by adding up the points they score by reaching the targets. The child must open the safe as quickly as possible. This game can be played in teams, with one or more teams. Variant: If a child puts the ball in the deepest target, they do not score any points, but they can multiply their score by two!

Game idea N5 = Water basketball

The same rules as for the catfish, but with two TIBALLs. The teams each have a basket to defend and attack, like in a game of basketball.



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