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Women's Neoprene Wetsuits

Women's Neoprene Wetsuits

Discover our range of women's wetsuits


Women’s Wetsuits

Prep yourself for a weekend to remember as you go surfing along Queensland’s coast! Surfers Paradise, Rainbow Bay, or Snapper Rocks? Let’s talk about the beach later and focus on surf wetsuits for women. Come in prepared as you welcome the waves by checking out Decathlon’s women’s wetsuits below. We have a variety of women’s wetsuits on sale, so feel free to browse and shop all you can!

Women’s Shorty Wetsuits

Finding the best wave yet? Why not start in finding the best women’s wetsuits in Australia first! Here, we have multicolour shorty wetsuits for women that will let you surf in style, including blue, pink, black.

Decathlon’s shorty wetsuits have built-in back zips and fastenings for easier wear and comfier feeling for water sports. These are laboratory tested to ensure an optimal lifespan and good resistance to saltwater.

Women’s Full Body Wetsuits

If you’re a regular surfer who sees the beach as your second home, then your preference must be on full-body wetsuits for women. Designed for every surfer’s body shape, the women’s steamers from Decathlon are made to stay in place while you’re in the water catching some waves. These also have built-in back zips and fastenings so you can easily slip these on before starting your surfing session.

PRO TIP: When choosing the right size of a wetsuit, keep in mind that it should be a very tight fit with no visible folds. When the suit is dry, it’s normal to feel like it’s too tight. Once the suit gets wet, the discomfort will disappear.

Decathlon has a wide variety of apparel in Australia you can choose from—onesies, shorty suits, women’s steamers, wetsuits, and even surfing accessories! Visit our site today and shop for cheap women’s wetsuits made with high-quality materials.

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