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Women's Down Jackets & Padded Jackets

Women's Down Jackets & Padded Jackets

Discover our Women’s Down Jackets

Summer in Australia is definitely something to look forward to. Numerous outdoor activities can be done in different parts of the country. But as most things do, seasons change. However, just because of the weather changes and the temperature drops, it doesn’t mean you should stop doing what you love. We at Decathlon would love you to continue to be active no matter the weather. That’s why we developed a collection of women’s down jackets that will keep you well-equipped during the cold season. Check out our down jackets for women that will keep you warm as you go hiking, skiing, or any of your favourite winter escapade.

Best Down Jackets for Women

Women’s down jackets in Australia are a must-have outfit in every woman’s closet. Our best down jackets for women are designed to keep every active woman comfortable and warm during the colder months of the year. Our designers made sure to create our ladies’ down jacket with proper insulation to keep you warm before, during, and after your activities. Some of our women’s down jackets for sale are made to be adjustable so you can wear it to your liking. Others are made with stretchable and breathable fabric for optimum freedom of movement. 

Our down jackets also come in different styles, colours, or designs like our women’s navy padded jacket or black padded jacket for women. To help you save more, watch out for our women’s down jackets on clearance.

Don’t turn down this chance to keep your active lifestyle at any given weather. Browse our catalogue today!