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Women's Briefs & Thongs

Women's Briefs & Thongs

Discover our Women's Briefs & Thongs

Finding the right workout underwear that would keep you feeling comfy despite the vigorous movements under extreme weather conditions may be a challenge. But we understand your struggles. To help you with that, we developed a collection of women's briefs and thongs designed to provide round-the-clock comfort. With our seamless underwear and thongs for women, you can worry less about visible panty lines and focus more on your workout. Find out the best sports thongs and briefs we have in store for you.

Seamless Workout

Never underestimate the effects of using the right underwear when you workout. Choose one that could go along with you given the demands of your active lifestyle. We have a lot of options for women's thongs in Australia but ours at Decathlon are guaranteed to be lightweight, soft on the skin, suitably stretchy, and breathable enough to handle a full workout session.

Visible panty lines can no longer ruin your fashionable workout look because our women’s briefs and thongs lay flat and won’t create any lines that may show through workout pants or leggings. Uncomfy wedgies and workouts that feel swampy would be the least of your worries because our workout briefs and thongs are guaranteed to stay in place and wicks moisture to keep you dry.

Getting the right underwear is one thing but keeping them nice and clean is another issue. Make sure to wash them properly using our laundry bag, laundry net, or travel laundry bag that you can easily pack when you travel. Make every workout sesh comfy with our women’s briefs and thongs. Browse our catalogue today.