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Women's Activewear Jackets & Hoodies

Women's Activewear Jackets & Hoodies

Discover our range of Women’s Activewear Jackets & Hoodies

Stay warm and look cool in our collection of women’s activewear jackets and hoodies here at Decathlon. Whether you need something to wear at the gym or keep you toasty during Australia’s winters, you’ll definitely find something you’ll like in our store.

Activewear hoodie for women

We provide ladies’ activewear jackets for virtually every activity, including yoga, Pilates, and running. Check out our 100 Women’s Hoodie Gym & Pilates Jacket, for example. Don’t let its understated design fool you. The cotton-rich fabric of this gym jacket for women not only gives you exceptional warmth—it’s also super soft for superior comfort. Plus, the elastane in the fabric helps extend your range of motion for your more-challenging poses.

Now if you’re into more-intense activities like running and CrossFit, we’ve got you covered too. Our women’s active jackets include the 500 Women’s Cardio Fitness Jacket. It’s specially designed to wick away moisture from your body, has ventilated fabric for better moisture management, and is lightweight so you can focus on your activity and not worry about any discomfort along the way. This training jacket for women is also stretchable, allowing you more freedom of movement for when you jump, run, and more.

High quality, low prices

We put two things in mind when we designed our women’s activewear jackets: quality and affordability. That’s why when you first wear them, you’ll immediately notice the price and how well they’re made. That applies to all our products, including our gym hoodies for women, gym sweatshirts for women, training jackets for women, and other gym sweatshirts for women. So if you’re still undecided on whether or not to buy women’s hooded jackets at Decathlon, we suggest you shop today and see for yourself!