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Snow Sports - Skiing & Snowboarding

Snow Sports - Skiing & Snowboarding

Snow Sports - Skiing & Snowboarding

Discover our range of snow sports gear


Winter Snow Sports

We are blessed to have nice weather with plenty of sunshine throughout the year and then comes winter. When life gives you snow, you might as well make the most of it! Here at Decathlon, our brands Wedze, Rossignol, and Atomic are here to help you gear up so you can ski & snowboard in Australia.


As you learn how to ski and snowboard, it is a must that you have the proper clothing so you can endure the cold and enjoy these winter sports. The key to surviving the cold of winter is through layering. As your first level of defence against the cold, we have top and bottom base layer undergarments that will guarantee your warmth and comfort throughout the day. Other ski and snowboard clothing that we have available for men, women, and kids are jackets, pants, trousers, gloves, hats, socks, and boots. These snowboarding and ski clothes have great thermal insulation that you need to enjoy these sports in cold weather.


Once your winter sports outfit is ready, the next things to prepare are your ski and snowboarding gear. We have high-quality cheap ski gear that will help you ski at high speed and great ski boots to match. We also have snowboards so you can glide through the slopes. For kids who can’t ski and snowboard yet, we have strong, easy-to-use, lightweight, and compact sledges. Other snowboard and ski equipment that we have to ensure your safety are goggles and helmets for kids and adults.

Don’t let the cold bother you and enjoy the winter before it’s over. Browse our catalogue today and discover our skis, snowboards & sledges, snow boots & footwear and snow equipment!


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