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Discover our range of Windsurfing apparel and gear

Whether you’re a beginner hoping to join the Lancelin Ocean Classic or an expert with advanced windsurfing skills navigating through Margaret River, Decathlon has all the windsurfing gear Australia will need. Our stores offer the best-priced windsurfing equipment in the market.

Windsurfing Rigs & Gear

We have adult windsurfing rigs that include complete sets of sail, mast, boom, mast base, base plate, and uphaul. We also have windsurfing equipment for beginners like the lightweight monofilm rig that is easy to take out of the water.

Our inflatable windsurfing board is stable but has a lot of volumes, which is perfect for recreational windsurfers. Other windsurfing gears include a seat harness designed to ensure you spend more time on your board, deck plate to easily secure the sail to the board, and polyester rope reel to rig your sail and mast extension to extend the length of your mast.

Windsurfing Clothing

We have windsurfing apparel for adults and children.

Our men’s line includes swimming trunks, board shorts, briefs, baselayer swimsuits, Neoprene wetsuits, and long-sleeve anti-UV surfing t-shirts. For women, we have one-piece surfing and skirt swimsuits as well as Neoprene shorty and full surfing wetsuits and long-sleeve anti-UV surfing tops specially designed for the female body form.

Our windsurf clothing line for kids includes swimming jammers and board shorts for boys and swimming sets for girls. We also have Neoprene wetsuits and anti-UV surfing shirts for children.

Windsurfing Accessories

Decathlon has duffel bags in different sizes that can protect your belongings from getting wet. We also have caps and beanies for head warmth and gloves for hand protection.

Check out Decathlon’s website and purchase your windsurfing equipment online.

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