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Waterproof Bags, Bag Cover & Phone Protection

Waterproof Bags, Bag Cover & Phone Protection

Waterproof Bags, Bag Cover & Phone Protection

Discover our Waterproof Bags & Phone Cases for Water sports

From snorkeling in Port Phillip Bay to surfing in Noosa Heads, Australia is a haven for water sports. Ensuring that your items don’t get wet while doing these activities should be a priority.

Decathlon has affordable and high-quality waterproof bags and phone cases. Choose from our selection of waterproof wallets and waterproof duffel bags so that your belongings remain dry. From waterproof sailing bags to stand-up paddle and kayak dry bags, our wide range covers practically any water sport. So protect your gadgets with our line of waterproof phone or waterproof camera bags for kayaking, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.

Phone Pouches and Containers

We have waterproof phone bags that will protect your phone even at an underwater depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. The pouch allows you to use your phone’s camera and other touchscreen functions even when submerged. Or you can choose our waterproof strongbox that will protect your phone against impacts.

We also have a 30-liter waterproof container featuring a lid with carrying handle. The wide opening allows you easy access to the contents.

Dry Bags

Decathlon has waterproof bags of different sizes depending on your needs. The 5-liter dry bags let you carry a sandwich, bottle, and wallet while our 10-liter waterproof bags allow you to add a towel. Bigger 30-liter dry bags mean you can bring clothes and small belongings as well.

If you need to carry more belongings, try the 40-liter dry bags. Or you can choose the 60-liter dry bags for bulky clothes.

Whether you need a waterproof phone case or dry sacks, Decathlon is sure to have the best waterproof containers in the market. Check out our catalogue for more waterproof phone pouches and dry bags.