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For the unknown heroes of the beautiful game… For coaches and referees, the best metal whistles with lanyards…

At Decathlon, we take every sport extremely seriously. That’s why we think of every bit of detail, every item required and every piece of equipment when we design our products for any sport. Coaches or referees… Majorly described as the unknown heroes of soccer pitches, they dictate the result majorly. A good, deadly duo 4-4-2 drawn on the tactic board and practiced again and again on the training pitch can result with a solid win. The same way, seeing the contact in the six-yard box at the very end of the game can seal the win for the team, who is going to take the penalty kick. 


“In football, the worst things are excuses.” Pep Guardiola

You hear them a lot. Sometimes it’s an excuse for being late to the training grounds. Sometimes it’s an excuse to skip training. Sometimes it’s an excuse to not play at the position you assigned your star player to. You get used to them, you build your solid authority in the team and grab your football coach whistle. Our soccer training equipment range includes metal and plastic whistles and even whistle cords at your service. One-two, one-two, all the hard work to get the result on the pitch! 


“Having one child makes you a parent; having two you are a referee.” David Frost

Soccer teams are like siblings. They are always going to argue, pull each other’s jerseys and even complain about each other for 90 minutes. That’s why you need a self-assuring soccer referee whistle, which will make you the only decision maker on the pitch. 


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