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Other Training Accessories

Other Training Accessories

“Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.”

Johan Cruyff was one of the legends of football. He immersed in total football, building the base of the current, modern soccer tactics. Encouraging players to keep it simple and quick is today’s golden rule. The training systems advanced in time, as well and the best coaches knew the strengths and weaknesses of their players. Training is not only a drill but also a great chance to observe your players. Welcome to Decathlon’s soccer training equipment range, where we meet all your expectations for cheap coaching equipment and soccer coach accessories.


For Soccer Training Drills…

We have cones and flat disc markers for all the drills you can make your players go through to strengthen their agility and dribbling skills. Soccer fitness training drills with the ball are what players love doing the most! 


For Juniors…

All of our training gear is available for kids as well, especially hi-vis soccer bibs! You can browse for kids football training equipment here! 


And all the rest… 

If you are a coach, we got you covered. We have whistles, coaching boards and more at Decathlon. If you are a referee, check out our whistles and referee cards! The logistics of soccer have their own requirements as well. Check out our team sports locker room hangers, water bottle carriers speed hurdles and keepy-uppy football nets today! 


Need more? 

Feel free to browse Supports and StrapsSoccer Bibsand Pumps and Ball Bags at Decathlon today! 

KIPSTA - Speed Hurdles 3 Heights

Speed Hurdles 3 Heights


KIPSTA - Captain Reversible Armband

Captain Reversible Armband


KIPSTA - Football Referee Cards Set

Football Referee Cards Set


KIPSTA - Football Boot Laces 160cm (Blue/White/Red)

Football Boot Laces 160cm (Blue/White/Red)

Last Call $1.00 Regular price

KIPSTA - Plastic Whistle

Plastic Whistle


KIPSTA - Ball Pump Needle 3-Pack

Ball Pump Needle 3-Pack


KIPSTA - Double Action Hand Pump With Pressure Gauge

Double Action Hand Pump With Pressure Gauge


KIPSTA - Metal Whistle

Metal Whistle


KIPSTA - Double Action Pump

Double Action Pump


KIPSTA - Team Sports Training Bib

Team Sports Training Bib


KIPSTA - Kids Sports Training Bib

Kids Sports Training Bib

Last Call $4.00 Regular price

KIPSTA - Whistle Cord

Whistle Cord


KIPSTA - Modular Adility Training Ladder 4m

Modular Adility Training Ladder 4m


KIPSTA - Football Bag For 8 Balls

Football Bag For 8 Balls


KIPSTA - Essential 10 Football Training Flat Cones

Essential 10 Football Training Flat Cones


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