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Either a training drill, training match or a social game… 

Have you ever wondered hi-vis jackets play a great role on training pitches? Why green? Why orange? Why hi-vis anyways? Because they catch the eye day and night hence make it easier for people to notice the tradies. Soccer bibs work with this principle and they make it easy for soccer players to recognize their teammates in a training game or a social game. They are indispensable, lovely and shiny items of training grounds and soccer pitches.


“There is no substitute for training.”

No train, no gain. Gain your focus on the training grounds with Decathlon’s soccer bibs. Available as adults training bibs and kids training bibs, The mesh build of Decathlon’s bibs enhances ventilation and offer easier movement. Also, they have a wide cut, which makes them wearable over your tees or singlets or tops. 


“The first team to score won’t wear the bibs!”

Social soccer 101. When the pitch is suitable for the good game, you have your mates around and have it on. The bibs are not only used as training vests but also used as jerseys in social soccer. 


Looking for more? 

All the way from France we are (the latest World Cup Champions, to be more specific) and we love soccer! That’s why we have a wide range of soccer gear and clothing. Shop for Soccer StudsPumps and Ball Bags and Whistles at Decathlon today! Game on!