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Tennis Rackets

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Tennis Rackets

Time to warm up and practice your serves, shots, and backhanders as you score Decathlon’s tennis rackets for sale below. Taking the first step towards Oakland Hills Country Club or Berkley City Parks and Recreation? Call your friends and bring the best tennis rackets you have, and let the games begin.

Kids’ tennis racket

Ranging from 17 inches to 23 inches, Decathlon’s junior tennis racket is perfect for helping your child learn to play tennis. It is versatile and offers a great balance between ease of handling and power. Its head’s heavy balance provides a good level of power to your kid’s stroke. Plus, this tennis racket has a large and sturdy graphite and an aluminium frame that reduces centring errors.

Adults’ Tennis Racket

Decathlon’s graphite tennis racket for adults is designed for playing tennis occasionally safely and confidently—a durable first prize for your first rallies indeed. Our Artengo tennis racket is designed with an oval polyurethane grip, making it comfortable to hold, while its weight and balance are just neutral, so it’s easy to play with. Lastly, the large 660 cm head size of this adult tennis racket lets it delivers powerful shots.

NOTE: If you’re not certain whether to get size 2 tennis rackets or ones with a larger head and longer length, then you must know about the tennis racket sizes for adults first. The head size ranges from 95 to 110 square inches while the length is from 27 inches to 29 inches.

As for the weight, Decathlon offers 265g lightweight for good manoeuvrability, the best light tennis rackets you can try. Can’t wait to score an affordable tennis racket and ball set with high quality? Hurry and check out Decathlon’s site now and get the best deals of tennis rackets and other tennis gear!

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