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Swim Fins

Swim Fins

Looking for “some fin” to swim easier? Discover our range of Swim Fins and Flippers

Meet Nabaiji swimming flippers from Decathlon’s swimming equipment range. Durable at its best and affordable at its highest, our adults swimming flippers and kids swimming flippers make it a piece of cake underwater. 

You have to “sea” them! 
The short and long swimming flippers are not only come in as pool flippers but also as snorkelling flippers. They are not only amazing to swim faster underwater but also help out with your workout regimen underwater. Coming in as three types (heavyweight, mid-weight and lightweight) they work excellently, growing your lower body muscles, taking your strength to the next level and provide an amazing cardiovascular workout session. Grab your colourful pair and enjoy your work out! 

Top fins to Build Up Your Muscles and Increase Your Lower Body Strength
The Nabaiji Top fins swimming flippers are long and rigid, combining speed, muscle workout, and cardio workout altogether; helping out with not only your strength but also your endurance. 

Mid-Weight Trainfins and Light-Weight Silifins
Semi-Stiff Trainfins are built as long blade semi-stiff fins, providing faster but more intense workout underwater. Silifins are made out of silicone and can be used for extra-intense cardiovascular workout sessions. 

Looking for “some fin” else? 
Check out the rest of our swimming equipment range as we cover all your swimming needs! Shop for Swimming Caps, Goggles & Masks and Microfiber Towels today!


Trainfins Long Swim Fins 500 Pink



100 Short Easyfins Swimming Fins



Topfins 900 Rigid Long Swimming Fins



500 Silifins Short Swim Fins Blue

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