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Nothing makes a surfer happier than (a) great swells and (b) adding boards to the quiver. Our country’s thousands-kilometre coastline has you covered for the former—from the Gold Coast’s Kirra all the way to the Main Break at Margaret River, it’s almost a given that a premier surf break is firing no matter the season. If you’re looking to add one or two blades to that quiver, however, look no further than Decathlon surfboards. We have surfboards for sale for every skill and every age. And to sweeten the pot, there are cheap surfboards just waiting to be ridden.

Check for a surfboard online, or visit our stores near you. We have both short boards and longboards for the seasoned surfer, foam surfboards or soft surfboards for the eager beginner, and we even have kids’ surfboards for you to bring your kids with you for that long-planned surf trip. Take your pick.

Rigid Surfboards

Designed by our expert team of designers and shapers, these boards are made for glide performance and stability so they can keep up with your skill and get those manoeuvres to a tee or, more appropriately, to a ten: 5ft surfboard, 6ft surfboard, 7ft surfboard and 8ft surfboard.

Beginners’ Surfboards

If you’re a beginner, however, or looking to get your kids to share your passion, our soft surfboards are for you. More stable and soft for that extra balance-aiding grip, these boards nonetheless offer the same glide experience that stoked and, thus, hooked every surfer out there: 5ft soft surfboard, 6ft soft surfboard, 7ft soft surfboard and 8ft soft surfboard.

To accommodate more ride preferences, our boards come with a variety of shapes, volume, and rocker angles. They also have single, twin, or 2+1 fin setups that are FCS compatible. So give us a visit and stock that quiver up!

Need more? Discover our rigid surfboards and foam surfboards!

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