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Surfboard Tail Pads

Surfboard Tail Pads

Better grip, more time on the board. Discover our range of Pads


Decathlon’s surfboard pads are what you are after if you frequently slide off your board and get interrupted whilst surfing. Comes in a variety of colours, the cheap surfboard traction pads allow an enhanced experience on the water and better surfboard grip.

Centre and side

From cheap surfboard tail pads to surfboard side pads, we got all you are after for longer seshes above water.

Combine and customise

All our surfboard pads are available in a variety of colours so you can customise your surfboard “the wave you want”.


Looking for more?

Check out our surfboards fins, leashes and wax range today and double up the fun!


Back Foot Surfboard Pad

From $39.00