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Other Water Sport Sale

Other Water Sport Sale

Discover the full Surfing, Bodyboarding, Kitesurfing & Windsurfing range.


Surf Clearance

What is better than cheap surf gear? An entire surf sale!

We at Decathlon have made it our mission to make sport accessible to more and more Aussies. Of course, surfing is one of those sports because surfing is as much Aussie as the ’roo.

Check the pro leagues and see how many prestigious events are held at our top-of-the-line breaks—Bells Beach, Snapper Rocks, Kirra, Noosa, and many others. Check the leagues again and see how many Aussies are currently competing, dominating, or have achieved legend status. You almost can’t take the Aussie out of surfing or vice versa.

So to get and keep more Aussies in the sport, we strive to offer you qualitative, technical products at the lowest prices. From research to conception, design to production, logistics to retail, we do it all to deliver the best value at the lowest prices.

Swimwear Sale

Cheap swimwear in Australia is easy to cop! At our website, cheap bikinis online are to be had, rashies, boardshorts—all sorts of tops and bottoms for men, women, and kids! Additionally, accessories are on sale all year round!

Wetsuit Sale

How about cheap wetsuits? We have them all for you as well. Decathlon’s surf clearance includes high-quality but cheap wetsuits online that it’s hard to believe.

Surfboard Sale

Find surfboards online that are cheap and of great quality at Decathlon! Cheap foam surfboards and junior surfboards are up for grabs online and at our store locations. Soft surfboards, soft surfboards for beginners, kids’ soft surfboards, kids foam surfboards, small foam surfboards and long foam surfboards, you name it. We have it all for you.

Ask around where to buy a surfboard in either foam or rigid forms and discover that you won’t even have to step out the door—just head on to our site for the best soft boards in Australia!

Need more? Discover our surfboards, surf clothing accessories and more!