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Elliptical & Fitness Machines

Cardio at home? Decathlon's Twisters & Mini Steppers are a must to complete your fitness machines & equipment in your home gym!

For a quick workout at any time of day, or as part of your workout routine, a stepper is a versatile fitness machine that helps with muscle strengthening and cardiovascular training.

The most common questions we get from customers in-store are “Will a mini stepper tone my legs?” And “Are mini steppers good for cardio?” After use, most people find that mini steppers are good for cardio! Aside from burning calories and toning your body, they provide a good workout for your heart and lungs.

Its compact size and ease of use and height-adjustable handlebar can only be considered plus points, making it the best mini stepper exercise machine. If you’re looking for a more fun way to exercise, try our Essential Step to get your heart pumping! Made for choreographed step aerobics from the comfort of your home, you can get an effective full body workout while having fun and step-dancing your way to a more toned body!

Get ready to step your way to a healthy body! For a cheap mini stepper or for more from our fitness range, browse through our exercise mats, sports bags, and towels and water bottles.