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Soft Ground Soccer Shoes

Soft Ground Soccer Shoes

Soft Ground Soccer Shoes

Kipsta for the captcha… Discover our range of Soccer Shoes


Are you ready to get your new pair of soccer boots with soft ground cleats? Three different models, three different features, three different prices… Welcome to Decathlon’s soft ground soccer boots range. Kipsta soccer shoes with metal studs are what you need on wet and soft pitches. 

Long Lifespan Turf Soccer Boots 

One of Decathlon’s few leading associated brands, Kipsta is not only known by its product quality but also its low pricing. The cheap soccer boots of Kipsta at Decathlon are available in three different prices and three different groups and these soccer shoes with metal studs will be your best mate on the pitch! 

Leather, High-Grip and Intermediate… 

Our products are sport-specific but our approach to sports is unique. We think all sports should be easy to access for all ages, genders, and levels. That’s why our soft ground soccer boots are available in three different groups. Our first group is made of leather and are made for players who are on the pitches more than three times a week. Our second group is for players who put ball control in the first place of their game. Our last group, Agility 700 leather boots improve your feel around and on the ball; enhancing your experience! 


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