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Futsal Shoes

Futsal Shoes

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For the “jugadors” who run the show indoors as well…

Jugador (Spanish): Player. Often referred to skillful players in the South America region, “El Jugador” is an acrobat whose tool is football. He can play with the ball for hours and hours, alone or on the pitch, playing it for keeps, playing it for highlights, playing it for the joy to the game itself. Futsal is for “el jugador”. Narrow pitches, cornered players, quick thinking and high technique are requirements of futsal. Welcome to Decathlon’s futsal range.

Colourful Gear for Colourful Spirits

From black and grey to blue and red, khaki and yellow to white and orange; our futsal shoes are amazing indoor football boots showing character and high spirits. Available as men's indoor soccer shoes and kids indoor soccer shoes, you’ll love rocking up with them -not on the pitch- but on the court. The difference between regular soccer boots and futsal shoes is that futsal shoes are the best football shoes for dribbling; hence enabling you to showcase your skills on the hardwood.

Colourful, durable, affordable…

If you are confused after hours of online research on where to find indoor soccer shoes, don’t look any further. Our cheap futsal shoes will be your best mates on the court with their high durability. Get your pair on and head to the court!

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