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Soccer Jerseys & T-Shirts

Soccer Jerseys & T-Shirts

Stay dry, stay fit, stay on top of your form! Discover our range of Soccer Jerseys & Shirts


Decathlon’s soccer jerseys & shirts ensure the excellently dry soccer work out. Our cheap soccer jerseys are easy to wash soccer tops coming in a wide variety of colours such as red, black, white, blue and so on… All our soccer jerseys available online and in-store are light as a feather and highly breathable so you’ll be on top of your form while you are staying dry. 

Easy Care

Either you are training a couple of times a week or have a more intense soccer schedule, our jerseys are easy to wash and dry. Chuck them in the laundry and wear them on fresh the next session. 

Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Options

Australian weather conditions change more than a few times a day in some seasons. Hence, putting a long sleeve and short sleeve option in your duffle bag or backpack might be a wise idea. Also, our long-sleeved jerseys improve your flow of movement on the pitch. Both of our options come in as men, women and kids soccer jerseys; matching everyone’s torso needs. Wear them on, get to the pitch and give your best without giving in or giving up! 


Need more? 

Are you all set here but thinking that you are forgetting something? Feel free to browse our other products! Shop for Soccer Base-Layers for goalies down under, Soccer Shorts and Trousers for men, women, and kids, and Soccer Socks today!