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Soccer Goals

Soccer Goals

Set the net… And discover our range of Soccer Goals


Sometimes, passing it around is not enough and you need the net to double the fun! From practice banners to pop-up goals and goals in all sizes, you can set up your own tiny pitch at your backyard or in your most favourite park. Our soccer goals are also suitable for practicing alone individuals, teams, and coaches!

Practice Banners

If you’d like to improve your or your players’ accuracy, the Kipsta practice banners are exactly what you are after. Set them up and try to shoot or pass through the hole again, and again, and again until you are satisfied.  

Pop-up Goals

The Kage Light Pop-up football goals are amazingly portable soccer nets for any type of pitch. On the hardwood, at your favourite beach, in your backyard or at the park… Set them up and join the fun! 

Classic Goals 

Coming in various sizes, the classic goals are for players who would prefer having a goalie in front of the goal. They are not as easy to transport as the portable soccer goals but they’d fit nicely as a backyard football goal post in your lovely home. You can even pick out a small sided soccer goal if you have a cozy backyard or you’d prefer not using it as a soccer field as a whole. 


Need more? 

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