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Soccer Clothes

Soccer Clothes

Soccer Clothes

Are you ready to “bend it like Beckham”? Discover our range of Soccer Clothes


Soccer is a sport we Australians are getting more and more used to, more and more addicted to. Local Sydney or Melbourne derbies, lovely pitches like Arlington Oval or Gosch’s Paddock and the beautiful Australian sunshine are a few of the factors that make us fall in love with soccer. As Decathlon, we’d like to introduce our soccer clothes range to you. Jerseys, shorts, socks & training gear for men, women, and children are at your service! 


Are you ready to bury it in the back of the net? 

Even though some managers adopt a defensive mentality, for us, soccer is always about the goal and fluid, entertaining game. Bury it in the back end of the net with Decathlon’s high end yet affordable soccer clothing. Shop for cheap soccer jerseys, soccer tops or soccer pants to gear up for your team or gear up your whole team! Men's soccer training pants start at only $19 a pair while soccer shorts start from $6 a pair. 


Are you ready to become the new star? 

Soccer is for everyone, so kids soccer jerseys and cheap soccer socks for youth players are also available at Decathlon! 


Looking for more? 

If you love it outdoors, check out Decathlon’s Soccer Jerseys range. Feel free to take a look at our Soccer Base Layers and Soccer Shorts & Trousers as well! 

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