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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Discover our range of scuba diving gear, apparel and accessories

From Lizard Island to Rottnest Island, scuba diving destinations abound in Australia. But before heading up north or going down south, one should always ask, “Can I gear up in dive shops near me?” Decathlon can be your one-stop scuba diving accessories shop as we offer a wide range of diving gear and clothing.

Masks, Fins, and Snorkels

We have double-lens glass diving masks with a soft hypoallergenic silicone skirt and extra-wide strap for an excellent hold on the head. We also have single-window, scratch-resistant tempered-glass masks with a supple hypoallergenic skirt for beginners. There are also masks with shatterproof and polycarbonate lens that can be used by adults and kids. Our diving fins come with ergonomic foot pockets for fitting comfort, ribbed soles for better grip, and side wings for stability. There are adjustable fins with bungee elastic strap for intermediate divers needing good propulsion. There are also fins with flexible blades and wide side ribs for freedivers who want to observe underwater life up to 20m.

Diving Gear

Our line of scuba diving gear includes buoyancy compensators for recreational divers, anatomically designed silicone mouthpieces for your regulator, Neoprene wrist straps for your dive computer, and pressure and depth gauges for checking your diving parameters and air reserve.

Diving Accessories

Decathlon has dive bags from 7L to 70L to ensure that you’re covered whether you’re diving for a day or a week. Other scuba diving equipment includes surface markers to ensure your safety, silicone straps to replace broken straps of your diving knife, and lead neck ballast so you can stay in optimal position when freediving. Thermal Clothing We have everything from head to toe. Our scuba diving clothes include Neoprene hoods, full diving wetsuits, snorkeling tops, diving gloves, and boots.

Check out Decathlon’s dive shop for more diving-related gear.

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