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Scooters Protection

Scooters Protection

Scooters Protection

As always… Safety first! Discover our range of Scooter Protection


Always wear a helmet before you hit the road or head to your most favourite skate park! Make sure your bubs follow the same as well. Decathlon’s scooter helmets in Australia offer great protection against concussions and other accidents you might have during your lovely course on your scooter. Our kids' scooter helmets, scooter knee pads, and other scooters protective gear minimize the damage at their best. We also got toddler scooter protective gear for younger scooter enthusiasts. Safety for you, safety for your loved ones.

They can customize their helmets to their liking!

Oxelo stickers are provided great personalization on your kids' scooters! They are cheap, colourful and exactly what your bub would love! If you or your loved ones are looking for plain colour helmets, you can choose from red scooter helmets, pink scooter helmets, blue scooter helmets, and purple scooter helmets!

Protective Pads

The common belief is that there’s nothing else than a helmet you can wear to protect yourself on a scooter. Well, we don’t believe that. Decathlon’s protective pads provide great protection on knees and elbows. You can also choose a 3 piece protective gear to get all set. They are practically designed to help your children comfortably find their balance while protecting their elbows, knees, and wrists.

Are you ready?

Check out our adult scooters and kids scooters today! If you are happy with your ride, you can also shop for scooter accessories and spare parts. We got trick scooters and custom parts for the tricksters and scooter pros as well!

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