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Sailing Wetsuits & Harness

Sailing Wetsuits & Harness

Sailing Wetsuits & Harness

Discover our range of Sailing Wetsuits and Harnesses

Decathlon has the best sailing harnesses and sailing wetsuits Australia’s sailors require. Our line of sailing safety harness and thermal suits ensures that you will enjoy the seclusion of Pittwater Bay or the scenery of the Great Sandy Strait.


Decathlon has the best wetsuit for dinghy sailing. We have a Neoprene wetsuit that will keep you warm due to its thickness and seams. The blind-stitched and glued seams provide thermal insulation and keep the water out. This is also a suitable wetsuit for catamaran sailing. The cut of this sailing wetsuit makes it suitable for the trapeze position. The elasticity of the material and the patches in the knee, hip, and arm areas allow freedom of movement. Reinforcements on the seat and at the back of the thighs and knees make it wear- and abrasion-resistant. The material protects you against rubbing and friction due to contact with the boat. This wetsuit is easy to put on because of the pull tab that comes with the zip at the back. The multilayer stretch Neoprene and quick-drying polyester inner lining ensure comfort for the user. As this is the best wetsuit for sailing, Decathlon offers the product in different sizes for adults and kids. Women’s wetsuits have been specially adapted to fit the female body shape.


Decathlon has a durable and comfortable safety harness for regular sailing. This anatomically designed catamaran and dinghy trapeze harness are fully preformed, with the Neoprene tightening at the waist and around the thighs. The Kevlar-reinforced seat resists abrasions and reduces wear. For sitting comfort, there’s a back support plate that can be adjusted to 5 positions.

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