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Sailing Ropes

Sailing Ropes

Discover our range Sailing Ropes

Whether you are traversing the calm waters of Sydney Harbour, immersing in the classic destinations of the Whitsundays, soaking in the sights near Fraser Island, or negotiating the choppy seas off Tasmania during cyclone season, having essential sailing gear is a must for every sailor. Decathlon offers you the best sailing accessories, from boat equipment to snap hooks.

Surf Ropes

Decathlon’s sailing ropes for sale include polyester windsurfing ropes designed for windsurfers who want to rig their sail. These can also be used to change the downhaul or outhaul rope of the windsurf sail. The braided sailing ropes come in 4 mm diameter and can be utilised to tension the sail. The total length is 10 meters, which means that these can also be used to rig up to 4 sails if so required.

Boat Ropes

Decathlon has durable and reliable boat ropes that provide an excellent hold in jammers. They have a high tensile strength of up to 2,000 kg, and they handle very well due to its great elasticity. These boat lines are available in different colours to enable you to easily tell your halyards apart at the mast base. While these ropes are difficult to splice, they are extremely versatile and can be used for halyards, downhauls, and backstay blocks and tackles. These ropes also serve as fine adjusting lines whenever you go on a yachting adventure, dinghy racing, or catamaran sailing.

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