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Kid's Sailing Clothing

Kid's Sailing Clothing

Kid's Sailing Clothing

Discover our range of kid's sailing clothing


Kids’ Sailing Clothing

Start them young and kids will learn early that sailing is a fun sport. But before they head out to the water, make sure that you outfit your child with appropriate kids’ sailing clothes. Decathlon’s line of junior sailing clothing covers everything, from the k-way jackets kids will need to overtrousers and wetsuits.

Kids’ Sailing Jackets

Decathlon has kids’ windbreakers with adjustable hem and cuffs to prevent wind from getting in. The breathable, saltwater-resistant fabric can withstand 2 hours of moderate rain and counter windchill up to 20 km/h. The elasticated hood follows the movement of the head, and a side pocket is accessible even when wearing a buoyancy vest.

We have kids’ windproof jackets designed for cool-weather dinghy or catamaran sailing. Our black smock jackets can counter 50 km/h windchills. They have a loose fit that is adjustable at the hips, neck, and cuffs. The saltwater-resistant fabric is breathable and quick-drying.

Our kids’ waterproof jackets are made of oilskin and can withstand 3 hours of moderate rain. The breathable fabric has a coating that limits windchill effects.

Kids’ Fleece Jackets

Decathlon has kids’ fleece jackets Australia requires. We have an abrasion-resistant, reversible sailing fleece with breathable fabric that wicks away body perspiration. The material has been treated so water will slide off easily. The double-sided fleece will keep your kid warm and limit windchill.

We also have junior fleece jackets with a polo neck and 2 zipped hand warmer pockets.

Kids’ Sailing Trousers

Our kids’ waterproof overtrousers are windproof, water-repellent, and can withstand 3 hours of light rain. The lightweight material has an elasticated waistband and rip-tab ankle straps.

Other Kids’ Sailing Clothing

Check out our stores for Neoprene wetsuits and boots, warm caps & fleece hats, boat shoes, and buoyancy aids for kids. When it comes to your kid’s sailing clothing, shop here at Decathlon. Trust that you’ll get the best when it comes to price and product quality. Shop today!