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Sailing Accessories

Sailing Accessories

Sailing Accessories

Discover our range of sailing accessories: gloves, caps and hats!


Sailing Accessories Whether social sailing at the Lake Argyle regatta or competitively racing from Sydney to Hobart, using the best sailing accessories is a must. Decathlon has all the sailing accessories Australia will need. From the head to the tip of your fingers, we have the best sailing gear in the market, especially when it comes to price and quality.

Our sailing clothing accessories include gloves, hats, and caps. Check our sailing accessories online for sailing gear for kids and adults regardless of weather condition.

Sailing Gloves

Our sailing gloves for adults are designed to protect your hands from friction. Featuring a reinforced grip for better handling of lines and ropes, the gloves have a 1 mm stretch Neoprene to allow for freedom of movement. These can be used for temperatures between 12 to 18 degrees Celsius.

There are fingerless gloves available for both adults and kids. These gloves stay close to the skin for better handling and can be used for regular or midseason sailing sessions. You can also choose one that has soft Neoprene on the grip and stretch fabric with Velcro strap under the wrist.

Sailing Caps and Hats

Decathlon has sailing accessories to protect your head. We have sailing hats for regular sailing under heavy rains of up to 3 hours. There’s an adjustment strap under the chin and a wide brim to stop the water from flowing to the jacket’s collar. This can replace the hood, thus freeing up your ears so you’ll be more aware of the environment.

We have sailing caps with fleece lining for cold weather designed to keep you warm and protect your ears from the wind. For sunny weather, there are lightweight, breathable cotton or synthetic caps with a cord that you can clip on to your collar so you won’t lose it to the water.

Wherever you’d like to sail, make sure you’re well-equipped with gloves, caps & hats to keep you warm, cool, or dry, depending on the season. Check out our store today for your ideal gear!

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