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Discover our range of Pétanque

Pétanque is a fun sport that’s quite literally and figuratively easy to pick up. While it traces its roots to similar games found in ancient Greece and Egypt, this French game is now being played worldwide, including in many parks across Australia. Now you can play the game with the right pétanque gear here only at Decathlon.

Decathlon: your pétanque shop online

If you’re looking for a range of pétanque equipment in Australia, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer pétanque sets to get you started with the game right away. Want to play a few rounds with your friends on a weekend? We have sets of recreational boules and plastic boules that are easy on the pocket. But if you want competition boules, we have them too!

We also have various pétanque accessories. From bags where you can store your boules to extra jacks to boule pickers, we have them all and more in both our online and physical stores. Need bocce equipment? Bocce is a close cousin of pétanque. And while there are major differences in terms of the equipment used (pétanque boules are smaller than bocce balls, for example), you can substitute some of our gear when no bocce-specific ones are available.

These include our ball pick-up tubes and pick-up suction cups as well as our boules bags. Not sure what equipment for bocce to buy? You can ask our knowledgeable staff to guide you. We also recommend that you visit our store so you can personally check out our products and see what’s right for you. When it comes to pétanque, buy at Decathlon!

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