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Men's Surf Wetsuits

Men's Surf Wetsuits

Discover our range of Men's Wetsuits

Men’s Wetsuits

When the break is firing, it’s firing. No weather or season or temperature can stop them. You wouldn’t want to miss Margaret River’s winter swells, do you? You can stand awestruck on the beach, or you can head on to your local friendly surf shop and get yourself a wetsuit.

If you’re looking to grab some cheap wetsuits, you won’t have to trade in quality. At Decathlon, low prices and quality are not two different things. We are all about high-quality products at affordable prices. Plus, we carry a great range of men’s surf wetsuits perfect for your cold-water surf, windsurf, kitesurf, or bodyboard sessions. Our Neoprene wetsuits are available in the following thicknesses: 4/3 mm surf wetsuits, 3/2 mm surf wetsuits, Full Wetsuit – Men’s, Full winter is full wetsuit time.

Be sure to paddle out in a men’s long-sleeve wetsuit when cold-water surfing. With complete coverage, which includes arms and legs, the full wetsuit will provide the winter surfer with maximum warmth. Be prepared to paddle harder and pop up slower though. The full arm and leg coverage will affect some range of movement, but since you’re comfortably warm, you can stay out a long time and score more cold but epic waves.

Men’s Steamers

When it’s already spring or summer but the water is still cold, you don’t have to worry about keeping your core temperature at a good level. With our men’s shorty wetsuit, you’ll be warm enough. And because your arms and legs are exposed, you’re free to paddle and pop up with ease. The steamer also comes handy in warm-water surfing to keep the sun off your skin.

Visit our stores or browse our online catalogue to pick one that you like! Discover our range of men's wetsuits and rashies, rash vests & anti-UV shirts!