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Men's Underwear

Men's Underwear

Men's Underwear

Discover our range of Men’s Underwear

Whether it’s to keep yourself warm or dry in Australia’s ever-changing weather, our collection of men’s underwear online offers the first layer of comfort and protection whatever you do. Now you can hike in Cradle Mountain or run in Australia’s most challenging terrains without breaking a sweat when you shop for some of the best men’s athletic underwear.

Base layers, men’s underclothes, and more

Our base layers are designed to keep you cool or warm, wick away moisture, or both. No matter what sport you’re in, from football to basketball, these products put your comfort and freedom of movement first. Now you can compete at an even higher level than you thought was possible.

We also offer the best quick-dry underwear for men, including our collection of men’s briefs, men’s trunks, and cotton underwear for men. We’ve carefully designed these to give you the most comfortable men’s underwear in Australia that fits your budget. Want even more comfort and savings? Be on the lookout for our men’s underwear sale in our stores and online.

More value for your money

We provide some of the most affordable base layers and sports underwear for men here at Decathlon. We do this without sacrificing quality and performance, ensuring you get the best men’s underwear and more that you can afford. You can say goodbye to expensive sports gear and say hello to the best quality men’s sports underwear in Australia.

Check out our online catalogue today for more of our products—we’re confident that you’ll find something you’ll really like!

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