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Men's Underpants

Men's Underpants

Discover our range of Men’s Underpants

Stay active with an added layer of comfort with men’s underpants here at Decathlon. We offer a wide range of inner wear, including men’s quick-dry underpants, men’s boxer shorts, men’s briefs, and men’s trunks so you can get unparalleled performance whether you’re running in your local trail, hitting the gym, or competing in marathons like the Four Vines Running Festival.

Designed for comfort

Uneasy fit. Chaffing. Sweat. These are just some of the things that can negatively affect your focus and performance. Because of this, our team of athletes and sports enthusiasts has designed some of the best seamless boxer shorts, sports briefs and running briefs.

All these give you the comfort and support you need even in the most intense activities. With our seamless men’s boxers, for example, you’ll experience less irritation and chaffing, unlike traditional underpants. This can have a tremendous effect, especially on long-distance runs like marathons. Without the right underpants, chaffing could eventually lead to painful blisters and wounds—not a fun way to stay fit.

The same goes for our men’s boxers. We offer some of the most comfortable men’s boxers, which offer exceptional breathability. That means you’ll still feel fresh and comfortable no matter how much you sweat with their moisture-wicking design.

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Whether you’re in the market for comfortable boxers or other sports gear, chances are you’ll find them here at Decathlon. Our store covers a wide range of sports from boxing to kitesurfing, so we have them all for you and more. Feel free to browse our catalogue today—you’ll be glad that you did!