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Men's Rashies, Rash Vests & UV T-shirts

Men's Rashies, Rash Vests & UV T-shirts

Discover our range of men's rashies, rash vests & anti-UV shirts


Men’s Rashies, Rash Vests, UV T-Shirts

No pain, no gain—they say. But some pain can actually be avoided pretty easily. Chafing and sunburn for example. After hours of surf or bodyboard sessions, say, at the Aussie Pipe, exposed skin and even those under clothing can chafe or get beat up by the sun. During kitesurf or windsurf episodes (Lancelin, anyone?), it’s the wind-and-sun combo that you have to contend with.

However, with Decathlon rash vests and sun shirts, you can avoid the annoying sting and the burn of them all. Our catalogue is full of men’s rash vests, men’s surf shirts, UV T-shirts for adults, UV protection long sleeve t-shirts, long-sleeve sun smart shirts, and long sleeve rashies for men ready for you to pick up.


The following features ensure that Decathlon’s range of rash vests for men (long sleeves and short sleeves available) provide surfer comfort and no-pain sessions no matter if you’re donning our men’s sun protection swim shirts, long-sleeve sun shirts, or UV-protection long-sleeve T-shirts.

Limits Irritation

Surfers know that rubbing against the board is just part of the game. But with Neoprene fabric, tight fit, and seamless panels, our rashies protect your skin and prevent chafing.

Sun Protection

Our UPF 50+ fabric will block out 95 per cent of ultraviolet rays even when wet so you can stay out in the lineup longer without UV damage bothering you.

Stability Loops or

waistbands ensure that our short and long-sleeve swimwear stay on and thus provide ease of movement.

Easy to care for

We want our gear to last for a long time. Hence, we’ve designed our rash vests for men, long sleeves or short, with a textile mesh that prevents sand from getting stuck, allowing you to throw them in the wash without worries.

For men’s rashies in Australia, you can never go wrong at Decathlon. Check us out!


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