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Men's Leggings & Tights

Men's Leggings & Tights

Discover our range of Men’s Leggings and Tights

What do surfing, basketball, football, and even grappling have in common? Well, there are times practitioners of these sports need leggings to be able to achieve the specific moves and goals they envision. The need for tights may, at first glance, look similar. Look again, however, because just as surfers, grapplers, and basketball players know, the specific functions are actually different.

Specialised quality and functions for specialised sports

That’s why Decathlon has designed men’s leggings for the specific sport they are used in. We have compression leggings for men when it comes to basketball, football, and running. We have men’s Neoprene leggings and men’s UV protection leggings for our surfer friends as well. Our shelves also include the following tights for men: Men’s compression tights, football tights, and running leggings.

For sports such as grappling, basketball, running, and the like, we’ve developed our tights to be moisture-wicking to keep sweat away and performance at optimum. Durability is also incorporated—we do not want our men’s sports leggings coming apart from abrasion after all. Your freedom of movement is also guaranteed with close-fitting stretchy fabric that lets you move the way you want to.

For surfers who need protection from too much sun, we’ve developed leggings from UPF 50+ fabric, blocking least 95% of UV rays even when wet. We’ve also tested them for chaffing and irritation so that you do not have to worry about board burns when paddling for a wave or even just sitting and waiting for that perfect stoke. To complete your thermal protection during cold-water surfer, our thermally insulated Neoprene leggings are for you.

Yes, whatever your specific need is, Decathlon is your one-stop-shop for all things leggings and tights—even all things sports. Come check us out now!