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Men's Bottoms

Men's Bottoms

Discover our range of Men’s Bottoms

From the Australian Open and the Outback Marathon to the Australian Road Race Championships and Margaret River Pro, men’s sports bottoms will always be needed. And the track pants men’s sports require must be durable enough to withstand the heat of the competition.

Decathlon’s wide range of men’s bottoms covers practically any event, ensuring that you have the right men’s sports pants whichever activity you join. From cycling and surfing to tennis and running, we have all the sports trousers men will need.


We have men’s sports leggings for basketball, football, grappling, and surfing that will keep you warm and dry while allowing freedom of movement. We also have tights for cross-training to help get you through your workout of the day.


Our waterproof overtrousers are designed for the outdoors. Be it hiking, trekking, cycling, or sailing, these lightweight and comfortable pants will protect you from the rain.


We have cheap men’s tracksuit bottoms, including track pants men will need for warm-weather running. We also have men’s tracksuit pants for hotter days. Pants for hiking, trekking, and climbing are abrasion resistant and comfortable to wear even when the temperature rises. Our skiing pants, on the other hand, are designed to keep you warm during your day at the slopes.

Short pants

We have cropped pants men will need, whether for trail runners during hot weather or football goalies looking for protection. We have long shorts for dry-weather hiking and Neoprene trousers for surfing.


Our running and training shorts are made of quick-drying synthetic fabric that wicks away perspiration. There are men’s sports shorts for tennis with a cut that allows freedom of movement and a pocket deep enough to carry three balls.

Check our website to see our complete line of men’s bottoms.

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