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Men's Boat Shoes & Boots

Men's Boat Shoes & Boots

Men's Boat Shoes & Boots

Discover our range of Men's Boat Shoes & Boots


Men’s Sailing Shoes

Sailing is one of the most rewarding activities there is. Perhaps this is why seafaring cultures are one of the happiest people in the world. Not surprisingly—what with Australia being an island after all—we have sailing in our nature, in our blood. For centuries, our forebears have been roaming the waters and islands of the South Pacific, if not the world.

But whether you’re a full-fledged sea nomad or a weekend sailor, you know how essential men's boat shoes are. Not only do they provide sailors with the most essential grip and traction factor on deck, but they have also come into mainstream fashion with their casual and lightweight design perfect for hot Australian summers.

Deck Boots for Men

If you’re hankering for a pair of sailing deck shoes for men, take a tour at Decathlon first before heading to the dock. You will find a great selection of men’s boat shoes in Australia both at our online and physical stores. From your regular deck shoes for men to great-quality non-slip boat shoes to more technical men’s sailing boots, Decathlon can equip you and your fleet of friends.

Our men’s deck shoes come in various designs and sizes, too. Looking for a pair for your son’s gap-year sail? How about one in blue and white to match the feel of the ocean? And while you’re at it, grab one for your own as well—maybe opt for low-key men’s brown leather boat shoes? Whether you’re just in for a stroll of a row in your dinghy or provisioning for an ocean voyage, you can’t go wrong in a pair of leather boat shoes.

Whatever floats your boat, Decathlon is the store to find whatever you’re looking for. Shop now! Discover our range of sailing hats, caps & gloves, waterproof bags and life jackets!