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Men's Baselayers

Men's Baselayers

Discover our range of Men’s Base Layers

Off to winter climbing adventures in the Australian Alps and maybe even tack in some ski and snowboard sessions? How about some winter cycling experience? Yes, even in winter, Aussie sports never stops. Thredbo, Mount Buller, and numerous other spots await. So don’t let the cold stop you. Just make sure that you are kitted up properly and get that stoke on!

Start with Thermal Underwear

Keeping warm begins at the very bottom of your layering, so ensure that you have your thermal base layers down pat. Efficient layers actually mean that your clothing works together for one single goal—to keep you warm. But to achieve that, different layers have their own functions. To start with, your base layers should wick moisture away from your body, taking it to the outside layers. The best men’s base layers should keep perspiration away from your body. Otherwise, sweat will remain in contact with your skin and—you guessed it—actually make you feel cold.

Thermal Underwear That Works

The best men’s base layer pants, best men’s base layer shirts, or best men’s base layer bottoms are the ones that work, and they can be had at Decathlon. Our thermals for men not only wick away moisture but also keep you warm thanks to their brushed material. They are also made from the very soft knitted thread for extra comfort and softness. Couple these with a stretch component that ensures better comfort and freedom of movement, then you’re good to go as far as the best men’s base layer or thermal underwear goes.

For the best lightweight base layer, best men’s base layer for skiing (or any winter activity), men’s base layer leggings, men’s thermal underwear, men’s thermals, men’s long sleeve thermal shirts, even coloured or white base layer for men, make it a Decathlon one. Check us out now!