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Men's Activewear Shorts

Men's Activewear Shorts

Discover our range of Men’s Activewear Shorts

Sports and fitness play a significant part in our culture. So much so that Australians actually spend more than a couple of hours per day participating in an active sport.

Decathlon has the best men’s active shorts in the market. Our line of men’s sports shorts covers all kinds of fitness activities, from cardio fitness and gym training to Pilates and yoga.

Cardio Fitness and Training

We have fitness shorts men doing cardio fitness and training will love. There are men’s athletic shorts for all levels, from beginners to those who train with moderate intensity twice a week and even to high-intensity fitness enthusiasts who train more than thrice a week. All our men’s active waist shorts provide good moisture management and optimum ventilation. The fabric allows ease of movement while most have zipped pockets for small belongings.


Decathlon has durable men’s training shorts designed for your workout sessions. These men’s shorts training outfit wicks away perspiration to keep you dry. Abrasion-resistant to withstand rubbing from the bar, these men’s cross-training shorts will keep you comfortable while doing your WOD.

Gym and Pilates

We have the gym shorts men’s fitness enthusiasts need. Whether your session is low-intensity or moderate, the naturally stretchy fabric will provide freedom of movement. Choose from cuts that fall mid-thigh or just above the knees. We also have long men’s cotton gym shorts with pockets for your smartphone and other belongings.


We have activewear shorts men’s yoga practitioners can wear due to its stretch fabric that can absorb dampness. If you need a better view of your joints to correct your alignment, you can choose our men’s activewear shorts that are slim fit and anatomically designed.

Check our catalogue to find more men’s activewear shorts.