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Kids Scooters

Kids Scooters

Kids Scooters

Baby steps to a great workout for body coordination! Discover our range of Kids Scooters

Welcome to Decathlon’s kid's scooters range, where you can find the best push scooters for 2-14-year-olds. All of our kid's balance scooters and kids mini scooters come in a broad range of colors and are ready to customize as well! Custom scooters for kids who are after a bit of tweaking! 

The first is always the best. 

Play 3 Kids’ Scooters are ready to be your kid’s first scooter. Made for children between the ages of 4 to 6, it’s extremely light and trustworthy.

Play 5 for a more colourful time! 

If your bub is aged between 4 to 6 and 95 cms to 120 cms tall, the Play 5 range is a colourful and reliable ride. The handlebar brakes provide amazing speed control and comfort on the ground. 

The Mid Range Scooter

Oxelo’s mid-series are the best kids scooters of Australia. Also known as a “big kid scooter”, they are reliable, customizable and the most affordable two-wheeler scooters for kids! Front suspension, handlebar brakes, compact and lightweight design are only some of its lovely features. The big wheels on it enable 3 times faster commuting compared to walking. 

Looking for more? 

At Decathlon, we focus on enabling every sport to all the age groups and genders and our goal is to keep our products specific for sports. If you are looking for more, feel free to browse our Kick-Push ScootersFreestyle ScootersHelmets today!