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Kid's Hiking Footwear

Kid's Hiking Footwear

Kid's Hiking Footwear

Hike four seasons a year with dry feet. Browse through our range of Hiking Boots, Sandals, Socks & Footwear Accessories for Kids.


No matter where you are or which time of the year it is, Decathlon’s hiking sandals, hiking shoes, hiking boots, hiking socks, laces, and accessories allow you to go on a hiking trip anytime you want. 

Hiking For Everyone 
Our range includes men's hiking sandals, women's hiking sandals, kids hiking sandals and the best hiking shoes to ensure we have our gear available for everyone. Colorful, affordable and durable shoes and sandals are waiting for you in our online shop. 

“Purchased my footwear, what else should I be looking for?” 
Decathlon covers all your hiking needs. 

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