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Kid's Trousers

Kid's Trousers

Kid's Trousers

Discover our kids’ Trousers

When your child goes out on an adventure, they need the right kind of kids’ pants for the right activity. This helps ensure that they get the right amount of freedom of movement, comfort, and warmth depending on the sport. Our collection of kids’ sports pants here at Decathlon definitely has all their needs covered, from skiing at the Perisher Ski Resort to hiking to Maddens Falls to jogging at your local track, and everything in between.

Pants for a variety of activities

Whether you’re looking for outdoor trousers, track pants, or hiking pants, chances are you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our store

Why your kids need the right trousers

You’re probably wondering why you need to buy different pairs of pants for different activities. The reason is specific sports have very specific needs when it comes to performance. Take for example our Children’s Ski Trousers 100. These provide ample warmth, breathability, and waterproofing so your kids can spend more time in the snow.

When summer comes, they can use the SH500 X-Warm boy’s warm hiking trousers so they can stay comfortable in the heat. We understand that your costs add up the more pants you buy. That’s why we made it a point to make our products as affordable as possible, our collection of kids’ trousers included. Now you won’t have to worry about buying, and you’re also assured of the high quality of our products.

Style is also another important factor when it comes to buying pants for your kids. Our collection comes in a wide range of colours, including black, green, and grey pants.

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