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Kid's Skirts

Kid's Skirts

Kid's Skirts

Discover our girls' skirts

Decathlon has all the skirts for girls you will need. Our line of skirts includes tutu skirts, tennis skirts, dance skirts.

We have the white tutu skirt kids will love as it allows them to dance on stage with ease. This pancake tutu skirt can be worn directly over the leotard and is made of a fabric brief that moulds to the body and allow optimal freedom of movement.

It comes with a specially designed round carrying bag to ensure that it does not crease. Also part of our kids’ ballet skirt collection is a black dance skirt girls will prefer as it adds a touch of grace to their outfit. This voile pull-on skirt stays in place on the leotard and also provides ease of movement.

The lightweight flowing fabric means movements are emphasised and can be seen easily. It also comes in other colours like white, indigo, magenta, and pale mint.

Our racket sport skirts are soft and lightweight. They are designed for playing tennis or other racket sports during hot weather. The material wicks away perspiration, and the cut provides freedom of movement. The skirts have pockets that can be used for ball storage. The soft and breathable fabric will keep them dry and comfortable.

Check Decathlon’s website for more skirts for girls online.