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Kid's Shorts

Kid's Shorts

Kid's Shorts

Discover our Kids’ Shorts

Kids can say and do the darndest things—Sabre Norris did just that when she nailed an advanced skateboarding skill at the age of nine. Kids will certainly flourish if you give them the proper tools and attire. And Decathlon has you covered with its wide line of children’s shorts, from kids’ compression shorts to different kinds of kids’ sports shorts.


We have athletic shorts with a wide cut for the hot weather. The ample space allows freedom of movement. Or you can buy girls’ shorts that tightly cover the thighs so your daughter won’t feel ill at ease when doing athletic movements.


We have lightweight and breathable basketball shorts for all skill levels. Reversible shorts are also available for versatility.


Our football shorts are designed for goalkeepers looking for protection. The foam padding protects the hip during impact.


Buy boys’ shorts online like our stretchy gym bottoms that provide good moisture management. We have soft and comfortable kids’ cotton shorts as well as long shorts for girls and boys with a length that falls just above the knee.


Our girls’ sports shorts for gymnastics allow ease of movement due to its elastane-infused fabric. Choose the one with a glossy look that will enhance her looks during competitions.


Decathlon’s lightweight and durable kids’ Bermuda shorts are designed for young hikers. We have anatomically designed kids’ long shorts that dry quickly due to the polyester component.

Racket Sports

Our classic boys’ white shorts are made for tennis and other racket sports. Their pockets are deep enough to carry two tennis balls.


Decathlon’s boy shorts for rugby have reinforced seams that can hold up to pulling and rubbing. An elasticated waistband means it could fit all sizes.

Check Decathlon’s catalogue for more kids’ shorts online.

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