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Kid's Base-Layers

Kid's Base-Layers

Discover our kids’ Thermals

Got active and sport-minded kids? You know nothing can stop them—even winter. At your local pitch or on the slopes of Thredbo or Charlotte Pass, your kids can enjoy the cold months with all the sport they are into while our parents ensure that they are kitted up properly to keep warm and have fun in the outdoors much longer.

It all starts with kids’ thermal

The base layer, or thermal underwear, ensures that the skin stays dry in the middle of activity by absorbing sweat and transferring it to the outside. This way, the body can retain heat and the cold is kept at bay. So kit up your active kids with Decathlon kids’ thermal wear, and you won’t regret it.

Designed for the cold

We design our thermal wear for kids to be the best thermal underwear for kids. Not only do they come at low prices, but they are also chock full of features that will help keep your kids warm for hours. Made from fabrics that provide great moisture-wicking and drying, our children’s thermal clothing has brushed interiors as well for top-of-the-line warmth. These thermal underwear are also highly breathable, offering ventilation at high-perspiration spots. Your kids are also free to move. It feels almost like a second skin—these are activewear after all!

Our kids’ warm base layer collection includes options for girls and boys. For anything and everything thermal clothing, Decathlon is it. Come visit us now or browse our online shop!