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Kickboards & Pull Buoys

Kickboards & Pull Buoys

Not only for beginners, but also for intermediate swimmers! Discover our range of Kickboards and Pull Buoys

Check out our swimming pull buoys which are available for beginners learning more practical moves and regular swimmers looking to work their upper and lower body muscles. Get your today and work out with pull boys today! 

Body Workout With Body Buoys
Our swimming kickboard & pull buoy range work your upper body or lower body muscles, depending on their type. Whilst large swimming kickboards and triangle swimming kickboards strengthen your lower body, working out with swimming pull buoys have a great impact on your upper body muscles. 

Which one to select? A kickboard or a pull buoy? 
Both can be used by regular swimmers or occasional swimmers but it all falls down to which part of your body you want to strengthen more. In addition, triangle and large swimming kickboards add variety to your swimming sesh or aid you during leg workouts while your arms are doing the hard job; increasing muscle mass. 

For kids, for adults… For beginners, for regulars… 
Our pull buoys come in different sizes to ensure they are available for adults and kids. Moreover, browse through our swimming pull buoys and kickboards thoroughly to choose the correct product for you. 

Need more? 
We got a lot more than pull buoys and kickboards at Decathlon! 
Browse our online store for Swimming Hand Paddles & Straps, Flippers & Fins, & Snorkels, Earplugs & Nose Clips today!


500 Swimming Pull Buoy, Size M



900 Swimming Pull Kick



Mini Swimming Kickboard