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Kick-Push Scooters

Kick-Push Scooters

Never-ending fun, great work-out and a quick commute to work… Scooters for adults are here! 

Mistakenly known as a fun ride for kids only, scooters had been in the lives of both adults and kids since their invention and Decathlon has been selling the best adult kick scooters all over Europe! Now we are in Australia as well, get ready to browse our selection of kick scooters for adults commuting and folding kick scooters for adults. Adult kick scooters, adult push scooters, and big wheel scooters will not only keep you active but also triple your outdoor fun any given day! 

Some habits never change. 

A broad range of kick push scooters for adults are stocked in Decathlon so that you can keep up with your bubs on your time off or family trips. Kick push scooters offer a quick and healthy way to commute to work or cruise around the city as well! 

5-7-9… Size matters!

If you are looking for a light and easy scooter to hop on casually, Town 5 XL adult scooters are at your service. For a more reliable and heavy adult scooter in Australia, browse our Town 7 selection. If you are a scooter pro who uses their scooter every day and can’t leave it unattended at all, check out our Town 9 EF range, which enables journeys over 2 kilometers! You can opt for comfort and speed while you are three times faster compared to your walking self! 

Looking for more? 

Feel free to browse our selection of Freestyle ScootersKids Scooters, and Scooter Helmets at Decathlon online today! 


Town 5 Xl Adult Scooter

From $169.00


Town 7 Xl Adult Scooter



Town 7 Ef 15 Adult Scooter



Town 9 Ef 15 Adult Scooter