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Get the best kayak Australia experience through Decathlon’s kayaks for sale. We have kayak accessories, kayak spare parts, and gear for different skill levels. Whether you’re going to cruise on Gippsland Lakes or paddling the open water from Great Ocean Road, check out Decathlon’s kayaks online for your equipment needs.

Inflatable Kayaks

Decathlon has kayaks for all levels of experience. We have inflatable kayaks for solo, tandem, or three-person use. Designed for stability, these kayaks are easy to inflate and glide effortlessly.

Kayak Paddles

We offer kayak paddles for beginners and intermediate users. Compact and lightweight, these paddles are comfortable to use. There are also paddles that let you adjust the length and feather angle.

Buoyancy Aid Vests

Kayaking is not just boats and paddles, so always be on the lookout for any kayak gear for sale. For safety, Decathlon has life jackets that are comfortable and adjustable. These vests are durable with tear-resistant fabric and come in bright colours for better visibility. Vests with easy-to-reach compartments are also available.

Wetsuits and Neoprene Vests

Gear up by choosing from Decathlon’s line of kayak clothing. We have wetsuits, Neoprene vests, trousers, and shorts that are not only easy to wear but also provide thermal insulation. Resistant to abrasion, the wetsuits have knee and buttock reinforcements while the shorts and trousers come in anatomic designs. Check out our kayak boots sale for comfortable shoes with toe and heel reinforcements and non-slip, flexible rubber sole for better grip.

Kayak Pumps, Waterproof Bags, & Spare Parts

Decathlon has hand and electric pumps to easily inflate your kayaks and waterproof bags to secure your belongings from wetness. Our kayak spare parts include stands that can easily clip on to your kayak, straps and hooks to secure your equipment and even a comfortable seat that will fit sit-on-top kayaks.

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